Buying A Home In Arizona

Warm Weather Real Estate would like to equip you to know all you need to know to make all your home buying decisions.

For the most part, most buyers need to borrow money to purchase their home.  Although most of these things can be done fairly quickly while you are looking for your home, there are certain things to do before you are ready to purchase

  • Check your credit.
  • Determine your budget
  • Choose a Loan type
  • Get pre-approved


So far as the actual shopping for your new home is concerned, the Arizona Buyer Advisory is an excellent source of links to information which you will find very helpful in preparing you to purchase, which includes:

Common Documents A Buyer Should Review – a partial list:


Common Physical Conditions In The Property A Buyer Should Investigate – a partial list:

  • Swimming pools and Spas (Barriers)
  • Termites, scorpions, roof rats, bed bugs
  • Square footage
  • Repairs and New construction
  • Sewer and Septic Systems
  • Property Boundaries
  • Flood Plains
  • Insurance Claims History


Conditions Affecting The Area Surrounding The Property The Buyer Should Investigate include:

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Freeway Construction and Traffic Conditions
  • Crime Statistics and Sex Offenders
  • Military and Public Airport Flight Patterns
  • Schools

Other Methods To Getting Information About A Property

and more…



If you are a cash purchaser or once pre-approved, these next items are for you:

Search for your home

Make an offer

Open escrow with your accepted offer

Obtain a home inspection

Schedule and attend the closing

Take possession