Arizona Golf Course Homes For Sale

My wife and I enjoyed watching some of the Masters Tournament from Augusta, Georgia.  This was televised through Sunday, April 8, on CBS.  Congratulations to Mr. Patrick Reed for his win there.  It’s interesting how the tournament got me to thinking about Arizona Golf Course Homes For Sale!

Two things were amazing to my wife.  She was amazed by the flowers and landscaping of the golf course.  She also enjoyed the focus and concentration of the winner Patrick Reed, She was amazed at how he could make the golf ball go in the hole from just about any shot.

Learning about Patrick Reed, and how much practice he put into his golf game, reminded me of how much time I have put into my real estate career.  My first transaction closed in July, 1977.   While I have totally lost count of how many transactions I’ve been involved in. Yet, I can honestly say that I have learned from every transaction.  That’s practice – that’s how I have been able to close so many sales.

Search For One Arizona Golf Course Home For Sale

Today, I have a buyer looking for a golf course home for sale in my subdivision in Arizona.

Although I have written letters to many owners, asking if they would be interested in selling their home here in my subdivision, we’re still looking.

Here’s some facts I have learned from looking for that one golf course home for my buyer:  This year, to date, four golf course lot homes in my subdivision in Arizona have sold.  These all closed in March – just last month.  Overall in 2018, there have been 56 homes sold in my subdivision, including these four homes on the golf course. 

When this 2500 address subdivision was built, it included only 186 homes actually placed on golf course lots.  Of course, being situated on a golf course lot definitely adds value to a home.

The average 2018 sale price of all homes sold here in is roughly $136.00 per square foot.  The average 2017 sale price of all homes sold here is $123.00 per square foot. So there has been a  generous increase, slightly more than 10%, in sales price per square foot this year.

The average 2018 sale price of a golf course home here has been $170.00 per square foot.  The high was $189.00 per square foot.

In 2017, the average square footage price reached $156.21, with a high of $209.63 !! 

Why the decrease in high price per square foot for 2018?  Has someone not been practicing their putting, not paying attention to values here?  More than one person, four golf course home sellers, missed it for sure!  Could this happen in your subdivision?  What would Patrick Reed say?

Interested In Selling Your Arizona Golf Course Home?

Interested in selling your Arizona home on the golf course? Please take the time to consult with a professional Realtor. That Realtor would be working to deliver you maximum value – your maximum sale price.

While there are several sources of home value information out there,  seems like there’s also a lot of information out there that is not accurate.  

I have dedicated 40 years of my life to the practice of being accurate about real estate values.

Finally, if you are considering selling your home, please invite me to come visit with you.  Let’s evaluate, and get this right.  Let’s check your square footage, and check the most recent sales of homes like yours.  Together, we will know the truth!  

And that concludes my tale about Arizona Golf Course Homes For Sale.